The BeautyMNL Awards: The 17 Best Wellness Discovery Products of 2018

We are proud to present the third BeautyMNL Awards: a twelve-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2018.
In the twelfth installment of the 2018 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re celebrating this banner year in Wellness Discovery. Since launching in October 2017, our Health & Wellness category has quickly grown to include everything from superfoods and slimming hacks to eco-friendly finds and beyond.

Like everyone else on a health kick, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting things that can help us on the road to total wellness. Months back, these 16 Best Wellness Discovery Products were foreign territory to us and now we just can’t live without them. Scroll for our fast faves—your next staple might be waiting!

7Grains Company Skinny Carbs Shirataki Noodles, P115
“I love any kind of noodles, and I never would’ve guessed that there’d be a low-carb alternative! It’s easy to cook, plus it really absorbs the flavors you mix it with. Its texture is a lot like sotanghon, and I don’t think I would be able to spot the difference!” – Maia M.

7Grains Company Skinny Carbs Shirataki Rice, P115
“I love rice, but not the weight gain that comes with eating too much of it. So this shirataki rice was such a great discovery for me! The texture of this isn’t exactly like rice, but I honestly don’t mind. For something that has zero calories, it’s pretty good!” – Patty G.

Active Myofascial Release Ball, P600
“Perfect way to de-stress after a tiring day in the office. A super handy massager you can put in your bag and roll anywhere! The material is really tough, which ensures that all your aches and pains are gone after each use.” – Bea C.

Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips Salted Giant Banana Chips, P195
“I’ve tried (and failed) to curb my constant craving for potato chips, flavored fries, and oily junk food countless times. These banana chips are the real deal—they actually do taste like your favorite chips, except they’re much healthier and won’t make you feel bloated and gross. I’ve been recommending this to all my friends!” – Marla M.

Coco Dolcé Dark Chocolate With Chili (100g), P220
“The best chocolate, bar none. I love the little hint of chili that comes through all that rich cacao, and how simple the ingredients are. Try this if you’re craving something new!” – Ayana T.

The Coco Dolcé Dark Chocolate With Chili is available in a 45g variant, too.

Dentiste’ Love Mint (50s), P245
“These tiny explosive balls of mint are so incredible! Perfect for instantly freshening your breath when you’re short on time or even on the go. It’s a whole experience. I would definitely want to this on me no matter where I’m going.” – Claire C.

The Dentiste Love Mint is available in a 20s variant, too.

Earth Desserts Vegan Brownie Brittle, P150
“I love all the flavors that come together here! This brownie brittle contains salt bits, so when you bite into it, it contrasts super well against the overall sweetness of the brownie. It’s also vegan!” – Frankie C.

Escents PH Big Toilet Fizzies, P450
“This is a great alternative for keeping your toilets fresh and stain-free until the next general cleaning day. It’s also fun to use! Drop a scoop of powder into the bowl and watch as it fizzes away all odors, lime scales, and hard water stains. Tip: Flushing will do, but using a brush for the stains will reveal even better results.” – Kathy A.

The Escents PH Toilet Fizzies is available in a Small variant, too.

Feet and Right Non Slip Head/Sweat Band, P299
“This sweatband is so comfortable (and stylish!) to wear when working out. I love it because I finally stopped pausing mid-workout to fix my hair or wipe away my sweat!” – Angie G.

Figs & Blossoms Odor Mate (200ml) in Magnolia, P215
“The Magnolia scent is the best! A few spritzes around the room gets rid of any unwanted odor. It even works in the dining room and successfully kills the smell of whatever food you ate!” – Joanna T.

The Figs & Blossom Odor Mate is available in 50ml and 500ml variants, too.

Kool Foldable Bottle (500ml) in Jaipur, P599
“This bottle is so cool! It’s cheaper compared to other brand with similar items. I got mine in Jaipur and it has the perfect shade of pink. It’s durable and sturdy, perfect for bringing to the office!” – Lianne S.

Milea Pure Wild Honey (430g), P605
“I learned that the honey they produce comes from their own bee farm which was apparently regularly featured on TV. I love that it tastes amazing and provides health benefits at the same time. I usually mix this together with my ginger and lemon tea whenever I feel like I’m going to get sick, and it gets me running back up every time I take it. It’s amazing to know that I can trust that my honey comes from a place that practices sustainable agriculture and supports our local farmers as well.” – Rimina P.

The Milea Pure Wild Honey is available in 60g, 180g, 285g variants, too.

Nature to Nurture Multi-Surface Cleaner (510ml), P209
“I use this to clean countertops and tables. It works for absolutely everything! With one or two sprays, I can easily wipe off dirt and stains without leaving behind the distinctive odor of chemical cleaners.” – Kathy A.

Peckish Sweet Chili Rice Crisps, P45
“My current fave snack! I love that it’s gluten-free and it’s oven-baked so I don’t feel so bad about finishing an entire pack. I especially love the Sweet Chili variant—it’s packed with lots of flavor without that sawa factor that often comes with flavorful snacks. One of the most irresistible snacks for me, definitely a must-try!” – Frankie C.

The Green Tummy Chia Seeds (1000g), P750
“I love how I can use this in so many of my meals! I usually add this to my morning smoothies. As I got used to it, I eventually started adding this to more of my food like pancakes, tea, juice, jam, and even coffee! I love making chia pudding for breakfast too since it’s so easy to make. These have become my go-to for amping up my fiber intake which keeps my tummy happy.” – Rimina P.

The Green Tummy Chia Seeds is available in 140g, 350g, and 500g variants, too.

The Superfood Grocer Matcha Green Tea Powder (50g), P375
“I love this matcha! I use this to make matcha latte, and when I drink it I barely feel sleepy even if I’m used to drinking coffee. I also love knowing that when I drink a cup of this everyday, I am ingesting so many antioxidants and I’m helping my body wake up without the coffee crash. Making my own matcha with this powder has given me the flexibility to adjust the kind of milk I put (I love using nut milk with this!) and the kind and amount of sweetener I add to it. I’ve been loving the control I get to have over how healthy my drink can be.” – Joanna T.

YogaLove Healing Cream Tub (200g), P550
“Perfect for smoothing out knots and aches your muscles! This is an office staple to help anyone survive 9 hours of laptop work.” – Bea M.

“Whenever I’m feeling tension in my muscles, I open up a tub of this healing cream and slather the product all over the affected area. After just a minute, the cold sensation hits and soothes the tense area.” – Nisee L.

The YogaLove Healing Cream is available in 100g and pump bottle variants, too.

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