1L Odor Mate (refill)

1L Odor Mate (refill)

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1L refill for this natural spray that helps deodorize and refresh your surroundings without the use of harsh chemicals. Instantly gets rid of foul odors and encapsulates stench upon contact to leave only pleasant smells behind.

Definitely a skin-friendly formula. Please shake before use.

Uses: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, car, pet areas, office, shoes, cigarette smell, linen, clothes.


  • Guava & Honey – tropical, fruity, sweet
  • Lotus & Pear – woody, fruity, light
  • Magnolia – clean, fresh, oriental
  • Lavender – soothing, calming
  • Fresh Bamboo - green, fresh
  • Jasmine & Sage - tea, floral, musky

Note: appearance of content may vary per batch - sometimes clear or with a yellowish tint, sometimes cloudy. This is normal in highly sensitive formulations & does not affect the effectivity of the product or the strength of the fragrance.