Magnolia (Bloom Collection)
Magnolia (Bloom Collection)

Magnolia (Bloom Collection)

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Our reed diffuser in Magnolia, which has a clean, floral and oriental scent.

Treat your eyes and nose with this aroma-filled bottle, coupled with divine flower accents, 'cos we believe in the power of filling two needs with one deed. 

Contains a higher concentration of oil than your average diffusers for that long-lasting aroma!

They're made to smell and look good, so you feel good.


Content weight: 100ml

*comes with 8 free reed sticks; oil may appear clear or yellowish depending on scent


  • Guava & Honey – tropical, fruity, sweet
  • Lotus & Pear – woody, fruity, light
  • Magnolia – clean, fresh, oriental
  • Lavender – soothing, calming
  • Fresh Bamboo – green, fresh, rainforest
  • Midsummer Whiff – citrus & floral
  • Wild Patchouli – musky, rosy, fruity
  • Blushing Lilies – bright, cool, marine, citrus